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Bindi Irwin (Nim)

Both Bindi Irwin’s passion for animals and her talent as an entertainer could be considered something of a birthright.

Now 14, Bindi began appearing on television alongside her parents, famed wildlife conservationists Steve and Terri Irwin, when she was still a toddler. In 2007, she launched her own show Bindi: The Jungle Girl on Discovery Kids, and went on to become the youngest performer ever to win a Daytime Emmy Award.

In recognition of her commitment to environmental issues, Bindi received the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for “Biggest Greenie” in 2007, and again in 2009, when she shared the honor with her younger brother, Robert. The siblings accepted the award together, dedicating it to their late father and the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

Bindi’s first feature length film, Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove, was released in 2010. More recently, she hosted a game show for Australian television called Bindi’s Bootcamp, featuring adventure challenges designed to test participants’ knowledge of wildlife and the outdoors.

Bindi lives with her mother, brother and assorted animal friends at Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia. Follow her on Twitter @BindiIrwin.

On Set Interview with Bindi Irwin

What are the qualities about Nim that you most admire?
Bindi Irwin

“Nim has a lot of qualities that are quite similar to my own but I think the two qualities that I admire the most about Nim are that she’s so determined and so passionate. If you’re not passionate and determined then you really can’t live your life. They’re such important qualities. Nim is extremely determined to protect her island. You can see that throughout the whole film- whether she’s protecting it from the resort that’s threatening to be put on top of her house or protecting animal friends from poachers on the island. And she’s extremely passionate. She’s passionate to make a difference and stand up for what she believes in. I think that’s something that we all need to do.

“My Dad was one man who made such a big difference in the world. And you know if one man can make a difference, we can all make a difference. And so I personally love to encourage everyone to follow in Nim’s footsteps. Bring out your passionate, determined side. Stand up for what you believe in, because it’s extremely important.”

What were some of the challenges and highlights of making the film?
Bindi Irwin

“One of the greatest highlights of my entire life was getting to meet our two sea lions here on set. Their names are BJ and Friday and they are the most drop dead gorgeous incredible animals that you’ll ever meet. They’re so beautiful. It’s been such a wonderful experience and I think that they’re better trained than I am really. They meet their marks and say their lines and it’s great. Working with them has just been a blast. They do have incredibly fishy breath but other than that, they’re great. I got a gorgeous kiss from Friday and his mouth literally engulfed my entire face, which was very special. And I don’t think he flosses regularly.

“We filmed some of the scenes with the sea lions underwater. The sea lions were wearing a harness and then I had to hold onto the harness and he dragged me underwater, which was such an incredible thing. It was a dream really. I kept pinching myself wondering if I was really awake or not.

For someone like you who really does love being at one with nature , how did you find the beautiful locations?
Bindi Irwin

“The locations have been stunning. Filming in winter and pretending that its summer in the film has been interesting because it requires shorts and t-shirts and so you’re a little bit chilly at times but it has been very fun. I mean we’ve gotten to go to some gorgeous places, including Byron Bay, which was stunning and while we were filming there were two gorgeous dolphins swimming in the surf behind us. It was such a special experience. We’ve also filmed in some beautiful rainforest areas, which has been gorgeous. And I think it’s wonderful because you’re not just stuck in a studio. You’re actually outside in nature.”